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Westworld Experience at SXSW: Walk Through Sweetwater With Me

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhen I’m at a major conference, I try not to take on anything that consumes 4-5 hours of my time. Of course, I make exceptions – which you have to do from time to time at SXSW. Long lines for movie premieres or major events are a common thing. When I found that Westworld was going to have an experience at SXSW, I knew I couldn’t pass this up – no matter how long it took. The end result was an event I will never forget. How HBO Built Westworld at SXSW About 30 miles northwest of Austin sits the J. Lorraine TX Ghost Town. A theme park open year round and host to many different events. Therefore, it would make sense that HBO and Westworld would use this to set up the town of Sweetwater – the main town in...

Is Hulu Live TV Worth the $40 a Month? I Install on Different Platforms to Test

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSTVoIP (Television over IP) is really gaining momentum. So much that your cable company might be your Internet provider only and you’ll have many options to choose from. Hulu wants to be one of those to deliver live tv, and they put together a great plan so you can start watching right away. It does come with some limitations, though. What is Hulu Live TV? Hulu.com has added 55 channels which you can stream at any time from your devices at home. Starting at $39.99, you will get favorite cable channels from AMC to USA. In some locations, you will also get local stations. The channel lineup is dependent on where you live, so check with the channel lineup in your zip code. Advantages of Hulu Live TV You can watch on many different devices. It’s in Beta, so more options...

Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio, Web Presenter, TV Studio Pro HD

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBlackmagic Design released some great new products at NAB for web producers. They also released an all-in-one switcher that allows you to set it down, attach cameras,and start recording or streaming. More important, Blackmagic re-designed their TV studio hardware to be more compact and keep the same functions. ATEM Television Studio HD The ATEM Television Studio HD is a 4 HDMI, 4 SDI input device that allows you to connect cameras, video from computers, and more. An added audio mixer allows this to be an all-in-one device. Output options to a monitor, or device to send to the web. This Live Production switcher also can be controlled right from the hardware device, rather than through software or separate console joystick. The camera switches light up green for production video, and red for standby video. Blackmagic Web Presenter Building on the Intensity series, the...

VIZIO Smartcast M50 Ultra 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Video Review

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWith a 4K resolution, 4 HDMI port connection, integrated Chromecast, and Android remote control, the VIZIO M50-D1 is an HDTV for families looking to upgrade at a sub $700 price. But with a missing TV tuner, it may not work best in all situations. Pros of the VIZIO M50-D1 Ultra HD 4K Home Theater With 120 Hz refresh rate, a viewable angle of 176 degrees, and 1.07 billion colors, you can get a clean image when watching your favorite shows in 4k or even HD resolutions. The audio speakers in the VIZIO include DTS StudioSound and TruVolume. Therefore, if you don’t purchase a soundbar or connect to a system, you will still get a decent audio experience. This VIZIO has a 64.2 W power consumption and under a .5W on standby mode. The 4K TV powers up and changes resolutions fast, allowing...

Reviewing the Geek Fall TV Lineup

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Android | RSSThe fall lineup is here. Next week the new “Freshman” shows will be making their way to network TV. Some of them Geeky, some of them not. Looking at the Sense Peanut thermometer: Looking at the Rowkin wireless earbuds Geekazine Patreon and First Giveaway of Jungle – a Photicular Book! Episode 20 Show Notes – I address Last week’s show about “EmDrive” – Ghost Rider Coming to Agents of SHIELD? – Bioshock: The Collection Remastered Bundle – Stan Lee is Getting His Own Movie – Star Trek Discovery Delay – No iPhone 7 Plus for You **New to This Week** – Snowden – Blair Witch Remake – Operation Avalanche – Silicon Cowboys – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Roland Video Mixers VR-50HD and VR-3EX at NAB 2015

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThose of us moving to streaming or recording video are always looking for a good switching unit. While at NAB 2015, I checked with Roland and their VR-50HD and VR-3X mixers. Roland VR-3EX The VR-3EX is a four-channel SD video mixer. This mixer will send a 480i signal through the USB 2.0 port, or upscaled 1080p through HDMI. The 3EX includes 4-HDMI input support, RGB/Component in support, HDCP support, 4 channel audio, and can be controlled through the LCD touchscreen control center. Roland VR-50HD If you need a little more power, the VR-50HD unit allows for HD streaming and recording using the USB 3.0 connection. You can also connect both HDMI (4 ports) and SDI (4 ports), and also connect RGB components (2 ports), then pass the RGB signal out to an external monitor. 3 HDMI out allows to connect to...

Livestream HD510 Live Production Streaming PC – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn this portable world we sometimes have to be ready to move when needed. Sometimes you are recording a hall, the next day you are in a small club getting that new up and coming band. That is why you need a portable solution such as the Livestream HD510. A new sleek design and combination of SDI and HDMI inputs, you will be able to set up a one – or multiple camera shoot. The HD510 also has a built-in 17″ LCD touch screen that flips up for quick use. The Livestream HD510 is built on a Core-i7 3.2GHz processor with 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB RAM. 5 HDMI/SDI inputs and 2 remote cameras give you up to 7 points to shoot from. Add on the optional Studion Surface controller pad for a full production switcher – or just use...

PAPAGO! P3 HD Dashboard Cam, GPS and Video Recorder

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI remember watching those videos of dash cams while growing up and thinking how great it would be to have my own camera mounted on my car. Today’s technology lets us do that in many ways. My friends at PAPAGO! have been working on such a camera with the P3 HD camera. This is a dashboard camera that can be set on a windshield, or mounted on the dash. It can also be connected right to the 12 volt line, or you can use the USB cigarette adapter. What this does do is not only record your drive in 1080p, but also help on your driving. The P3 includes the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), lane departure warning system (LDWS) and driver fatigue alarm (DFA) which will make sure you are not dozing off behind the wheel. Other features include alerts...

The Roku Goes Local: Channel 3000 on OTT

The Roku Goes Local: Channel 3000 on OTT

Channel3000.com launched their new Roku Channel on Thursday. This is the first local news station on a Set Top Box. You can catch the local news, weather, sports and original programming of Channel 3 in Madison, WI. Being a Madisonian, I am really proud of this achievement. This local CBS affiliate has been thinking outside the box for a while. Planning for the next generation of television. When most stations were launching their call letters for domains, WISC-TV chose to think bigger. Channel3000.com was a Madison portal, but also a portal for Wisconsin. They were also the first TV station in Wisconsin to go HD. With original programming like Sidelines (sport talk), Urban Theater (local music) and Madison Magazine, they have been the most innovative channel in Wisconsin. With another great leap into Over the Top Television in the Roku channel, Channel 3000 is continuing the trek into...

Special Guest: TPN Weekly #72 – TV is Dying!

Special Guest: TPN Weekly #72 – TV is Dying!

I hosted TPN Weekly, a weekly podcast by different Techpodcast members. The topic this week: TV is Dying! I go into detail on what is happening in the TV space and how television is changing as we speak. A-la Carte television will be here before you know it. Items discussed in the podcast: Sling Media Hulu iTunes Boxee Roku Apple TV ivi TV is Dying on Blog.Techpodcast.com – Audio of the show

The Great Digital Conversion

The Great Digital Conversion

According to Bloomberg News, the FCC reports that viewer ratings for stations that have already switched to digital only over-the-air broadcast signals have dropped nine per cent. Read the full story here. Most stations are waiting for the June deadline, which Congress earlier this year pushed back from February. I suspect that, whenever this goes down, some people are going to have problems. Delaying the switchover isn’t solving anything; it’s just delaying the problems.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat

The Guardian reports that Mary Lou Jepsen, who designed the OLPC, has now engineered a screen, dubbed the Pixel Qi, that can work as a computer monitor, a television screen, or “paper” that can be read in sunlight, similar to the Amazon Kindle. Read the full story here.

Plasma Televisions:  Dying Breed?

Plasma Televisions: Dying Breed?

I don’t have a plasma TV. I do have a nice little LCD. The big news this morning was that Pioneer is laying off persons and getting out of the plasma TV business (story here). Apparently, Vizio is also pulling out of plasma TVs in favor of LCD TVs. Story here.

The Great Digital Conversion

The Great Digital Conversion

I agree with Jeffrey that postponing the switch to digital over-the-air broadcast television is foolish. Problems are inevitable This just postpones them. I heard a report today that there are issues with closed captioning in the over-the-air digital signals. Here’s a news story. At the same time . . .