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Live Build Day Live AMA at Datrium

Will be live streaming with vBrownBag at Datrium on the Build Day Live we created 6 months ago. The live stream will begin at 12:00 PM PST with Brian Biles – CEO and co-founder of Datrium, Dhanabal Ekambaram, and Devin Hamilton.

Pure Storage Build Day with vBrownBag Live Stream

This week I’ve been in Mountain View, CA. I have been working with Alastair Cooke and vBrownBag giving value to Enterprise tech company Pure Storage. On Thursday, July 20th, starting at 12 PM EST – 9 AM PST, we will be conducting a Build Day, What is Pure Storage Build Day This is an event where we install a device into our test infrastructure. Our system simulates a Data center with minimalist hardware. We will be installing an M50 Flash array into the vBrownBag Corporation. We will install our VM environment onto the array. With time, we will also be upgrading the device to an M70. Within 4 hours, we will do the installation, upgrade important areas of the center, and finalize for production. Things to Think about on Installation Types of networking connections into the infrastructure. 10 GB Fiber is recommended How to plan the upgrade When...

Livestream Mevo adds 4K Capture, Android Support

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWith over 10 million viewers in 10 years, Livestream helps people produce content easier. They do it on two levels, hardware and software. With the Mevo as a simple start, and their multi-camera switchers for a more advanced system, including the HD550 – a laptop-sized device. I talked with Mahdi Motamedi about the Mevo, along with other hardware switchers Livestream creates. The Mevo – starting at $399 allows you to create scenes from a single 4K video. You can set up and control those scenes right from your iOS or (now) Android device. You can also get a Mevo Boost for more battery life and Verizon LTE connection. With 150 degree lens and stereo microphones, you can capture an event or video show you produce. You can send this up to Livestream, Facebook LIVE, or YouTube. You can also connect to a HDMI source...

Switcher Studio Uses Your Phone for Facebook Live Cameras

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis is not a new idea, but it is a newer innovation. Systems have tried to incorporate mobile video in their production switchers, but there has normally been a fail, especially when audio is involved. Switcher Studio has worked out that problem and turned their program to all mobile devices. I first saw this program at SXSW when a one-on-one interview was being conducted. Two phones, one iPad (for switching the video content). The phones would connect to the iPad via WiFi, then the iPad would not only swap out the video, but also add lower 3rds, graphics, and pre-recorded scenes. I grilled Switcher Studio on the latency issues. The biggest issue being lag from a phone to the audio track being supplied. I was assured that as long as audio came into the iPad via Lightning or headset, it will...

Play Keyboard in a Different Way with Roli Seaboard Rise

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you are a keyboard player, you’re going to love this. A 2 1/2 octave keyboard that does a lot more than you’re old stand up piano ever did. The Roli Seaboard keyboard allows you to bend, vibrato and even change instrument by how you touch the keys. The tactile unit can connect to iOS, Mac, Windows through an app. The keyboard reacts by how you touch the keys. Start Leggero then crescendo to Maestoso. You can even Glissando to a new note by sliding the finger across the board. The Roli Seaboard is more than just the physical keyboard. The free app on iOS allows you to do the same things on the go. If you have an iPhone 6s (Plus) you can utilize the touch sensitivity to match what you would do on the unit. Roli Seaboard Rise is available for...

Cook on Patio Anytime with GoSun Solar Cooker

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCheck out the GoSun – a solar cooker that you can use indoors or out. The solar panels can get this cooker up to 500 degrees on a sunny day. All you need is sun to make food. Even cook on cloudy days with the battery charge unit. The GoSun works using a thermal tube. The food is put in one of two trays while the drip pan holds grease. You can cook anything from vegetables to burgers in 20 minutes. GoSun is debuting a charging unit for those cloudy days where the battery is not charged. Multiple versions of the GoSun are available. Prices start at $249. Get the GoSun Solar Here

Livestream HD510 Live Production Streaming PC – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn this portable world we sometimes have to be ready to move when needed. Sometimes you are recording a hall, the next day you are in a small club getting that new up and coming band. That is why you need a portable solution such as the Livestream HD510. A new sleek design and combination of SDI and HDMI inputs, you will be able to set up a one – or multiple camera shoot. The HD510 also has a built-in 17″ LCD touch screen that flips up for quick use. The Livestream HD510 is built on a Core-i7 3.2GHz processor with 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB RAM. 5 HDMI/SDI inputs and 2 remote cameras give you up to 7 points to shoot from. Add on the optional Studion Surface controller pad for a full production switcher – or just use...

Telestream Wirecast 5 – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI stopped by the Telestream booth to find out what is going on with one of my favorite streaming software programs – Wirecast 5. I learned about the plethora of software and updates Telestream has to offer for any broadcaster – from podcast streaming to TV production. One product Telestream was promoting is Switch. this program will give you media playback in multiple media formats, then switch the video to the same format as other video. Switch supprts MOV, MP4, MXF, GXF, MPEG Transport Streams, and even Ultra HD 4k.  We also talked about the updated Wirecast 5 streaming software. With this software you can attach multiple cameras for a switching source, add chromakey events, lower 3rds, audio breaks, and more. Wirecast can send the video to another program, record to a video file, or even stream out to platforms such as...

Paladin S3 Portable Streaming Solution, iPad app – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhen I create some videos, I use streaming software to do it – mainly Wirecast. This is a great way for me to put on layers (such as lower 3rds) and get the content out to you. Paladin has seen what I do and improved on it with the Paladin S3 streaming box. Best part – they also have made portable versions of it. Paladin’s S3 Chasis is a low form factor PC. Inside you can place either an SDI array, or HDMI input solution. You can patch out to monitor, audio, digital audio, USB device, Firewire, eSATA, Ethernet, or wireless solution. The PC box can load any software – Wirecast or Vid Pro – Livestream, uStream, or YouTube – even post production software like Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Hit Film, and more. Paladin Portable Solutions Paladin also has solutions...

Livestream in NAB 2014

Livestream Unveils Google Glass App: My Livestream of NAB 2014

This week, Livestream announced their Glass app to stream directly to their services. I talked with Livestream and found that anyone with Glass and a connection to their servers can create video. I had to test it out of course. As I was heading into NAB, I turned on the stream. It was not without issue, though. The process to Livestream from Glass is as follows: Download the software to your Mac or PC Put your Google Glass into Debug mode Plug into the computer and run the Livestream software When complete, unplug Glass and turn debug mode off Go back to the computer and call up to Pair an event It will create a QR code to use Put on Glass and say these commands: OK Glass Livestream Tap to start a new stream Tap to agree Tap one more time Point Glass at the QR code...

Day 3 – 360 Heros, Live Streaming, Sony A7s – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSToday I took the long walk to upper south hall of NAB. I found the Intel innovation lounge with an interview theater made up of recliner seats. You could kick back and watch as new guests were interviewed by the crew. Wish I would have been able to kick back, but I had to get to work. I spent the morning learning about streaming media options. The first one was with a company called Streambox. They have an alternate streaming service for all broadcasters. You download the software (free) and send to their cloud. The plan works with the concurrent connections and bandwidth used for the stream. For $99, you can stream an hour of media for around 200-300 viewers. LiveU LiveU was at the show. I learned about their newest devices in the LU500, LU400 and streaming stick. The stick...

Day 2 – Streaming, Vocalbooths, Video – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI spent day 2 of NAB expo in the lower south hall of LVCC. Before I headed there, I stopped by the NMX lounge to watch Don Baine stream his event live. Andy McCaskey was there, which was a great surprise. I got to talk with him, Rick Calvert and Patti Hoskins from NMX. Lots of big booths and great products to be seen in south hall. I started at Vocal booth where I found out how I can put a soundproof booth into any room and not disturb the neighbors. Guy Coleman mentioned these booths are even used in prisons as one-on-one video conferencing between inmates and lawyers, family, or other visitors. I stopped by the OWC booth as we talked about their new media solution in Jupiter – a SSD array that could fit on a desk or in...

Alldigital: Broadcasting for Multiple Enterprises – NAB 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSInside a big corporation, you want to broadcast and livestream. That is where alldigital comes in. They can help you become a broadcaster. Their cloud services empower you to become just that. alldigital has configured their technologies so you can broadcast just like a Fox affiliate. Even big corporations want to broadcast to mobile and TV. Even companies like Cox (the Cable company in Las Vegas, among other areas) use Alldigital for By using workflows, you can get things up in the system to have it stream out. There are two types of broadcasts – private and public. alldigital also has social media solutions, cloud services along with the broadcast options. Tim talks with Calvin Zito about how they use HP StoreAll to speed up their process

Verizon 4G LTE LiveStream Broadcaster box – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFor those of us who want to stream events rather than record and upload later, Verizon has come out with some great news at CES this year. Earlier in 2012 Livestream debuted the LiveStream Broadcaster – a box that will let you stream from your video camera straight to LiveStream’s broadcasting studio. Verizon has partnered with LiveStream to announce the first box using Verizon’s 4G LTE network. With this addition you will not have to find an internet source to stream your video. The Livestream Broadcaster LTE will have a built-in battery pack and run off the 5.4 GHz WiFi range. No pricing details yet as the box comes out in Q2. Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

Hangout Tech Guy #2: Changing Facebook Settings

Hangout Tech Guy #2: Changing Facebook Settings

Jeffrey Powers is the Hangout Tech Guy – a Livestream event on Google Hangouts Friday afternoons. People come on and talk.

Hangout Tech Guy #1: Now the Bad Ass Bearded Tech Guy

Hangout Tech Guy #1: Now the Bad Ass Bearded Tech Guy

Jeffrey Powers is the Hangout Tech Guy – a Livestream event on Google Hangouts Friday afternoons. People come on and talk.