Day 2 – Streaming, Vocalbooths, Video – NAB 2014

Gadget Professor Don Baine interviewing Livestream

Gadget Professor Don Baine interviewing

I spent day 2 of NAB expo in the lower south hall of LVCC. Before I headed there, I stopped by the NMX lounge to watch Don Baine stream his event live. Andy McCaskey was there, which was a great surprise. I got to talk with him, Rick Calvert and Patti Hoskins from NMX.

Lots of big and great products to be seen in south hall. I started at Vocal where I found out how I can put a soundproof into any room and not disturb . Guy Coleman mentioned these booths are even used in prisons as one-on-one video conferencing between inmates and lawyers, family, or other visitors.

I stopped by the OWC booth as we talked about their new media solution in Jupiter – a SSD array that could fit on a desk or in a server room. We also went through all the OWC products and learned more about their SSD enclosure systems.


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WeVideo was at the show – a company where you upload media to their servers and then edit using any web browser. They have a media algorithm that allows for even slow connections to deliver the raw footage. They offer many services most video editors offer including chromakey and lower 3rd editing.

DJI Willis Chung demonstrating the camera stabilization system

DJI Willis Chung demonstrating the stabilization system

had a large booth this year as they were showing off the newest in Switch – a media playback, inspection, and conversion tool. Of course, I was interested in talking about – a program I use a lot.

Many more conversations with companies like Black Magic, , Autodesk, Wacom, and more.

As I was back, I stopped by DJI – a company that has been in the news recently about their drone technology. I got to talk with Willis Chung about these drones and their camera stabilizing system. Its amazing how these drones can keep a steady shot while flying high in the air, even with windy conditions.

An awesome day 2 with some great interviews.

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