Day 3 – 360 Heros, Live Streaming, Sony A7s – NAB 2014

Today I took the long walk to upper south hall of NAB. I found the Intel innovation lounge with an interview theater made up of recliner seats. You could kick back and watch as new guests were interviewed by the crew. Wish I would have been able to kick back, but I had to get to work.

I spent the morning learning about options. The first one was with a company called Streambox. They have an alternate streaming service for all broadcasters. You download the software (free) and send to their cloud. The plan works with the concurrent connections and bandwidth used for the stream. For $99, you can stream an hour of media for around 200-300 viewers.

Live U 500 and 400 boxes

Live U 500 and 400 boxes

LiveU was at the show. I learned about their newest devices in the LU500, LU400 and streaming stick. The stick is a smartphone streaming device. It adds a second 4G card to send video to the LiveU servers. The LU400 has 4 wifi connections and the 500 can hold up to 8.

Livestream also showed me their new HD 510 unit. This is a portable solution for those streamers on the go. It comes with a carrying case and touchscreen monitor that folds down. You can also add layer graphics – Twitter feeds, lower 3rds, and more. The box is $9,999 and the USB control unit is separate at $5,999.

Livestream also has a Google Glass app for streaming. I wasn’t able to install while at the show, but I will be tonight and possibly walking the halls tomorrow.


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360 Heros with Google Glass

360 Heros with Google Glass

360 Heros

Last year 360Heros disrupted NAB with a 3D printed device which held multiple Go Pro cameras for a 360 degree view. Since then, they have been hard at work creating not only recorded content but also live streaming. 360 Heros is working with a new software (not released yet) to stitch and stream the video. I also got to try the Oculus Rift with video created by 360 Heros.

Sony A7s Hybrid DSLR with 35 mm sensor - shooting 4k video

Hybrid DSLR with 35 mm sensor – shooting 4k video

Sony A7s

I spent some time at the Sony booth after the walk through South hall to see the new line of cameras. I talked with Mark and learned about the Sony A7s – a Hybrid DSLR camera that could turn into a fully functional 4K camera. The sensor inside the camera is 35 mm Exmor CMOS sensor. This will allow for better low-light pictures and video.

This camera will be perfect for those VLOGgers. You will be able to use it for video and pictures.

I also talked with Dan and learned about HP’s new Dreamcolor D27x monitor. This monitor comes with color correction cam so when you create 4K video or photos, you are doing it correctly.

Finally, I spent time back at NMX with friends Chris and Bill, ran into Jim Louderback of Discovery Digital Networks. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the final day of the conference.


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