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Kegtron Keg Monitor

The Kegtron is here to keep an eye on your keg and make sure that the beer keeps flowing, whether it’s a party or just a quiet night of drinking. It works with any smartphone and with any keg. It will sit between the keg and the tap, using an internal flowmeter to measure how much liquid comes out of the keg. The wireless processor sends that information to the companion app. Installation requires only some tubing to feed the keg into the monitor. If you’ve ever run out of beer, you know the disappointment, but that will be a thing of the past. The companion app for the Kegtron can wirelessly track the number of pours left in a keg so that you know ahead of time when you will need to replace it. That’s pretty cool all by itself, but it goes a step further. The...

LumaFusion is a Pro Video Editor for iPad, iPhone

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCreating content on the go can be tough, simply due to the amount of gear you have to bring. In years past, I would need a powerful computer to mix down an Interview, put in music, and titles. Now, Luma Touch has given me a solution to create a more professional looking video using only the iPad. This includes custom titles and transitions. LumaFusion Offers More Options than iMovie LumaFusion gives you 3 video tracks to mix on. For basic interviews (such as this one), I can put the main interview on the base track, then use track 2 and 3 for graphics. One audio track for music. This program can also customize titles and graphics. You can start from scratch, or use a template to edit for your needs. All titles created in this video are based off the template options....

Switcher Studio Uses Your Phone for Facebook Live Cameras

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis is not a new idea, but it is a newer innovation. Systems have tried to incorporate mobile video in their production switchers, but there has normally been a fail, especially when audio is involved. Switcher Studio has worked out that problem and turned their program to all mobile devices. I first saw this program at SXSW when a one-on-one interview was being conducted. Two phones, one iPad (for switching the video content). The phones would connect to the iPad via WiFi, then the iPad would not only swap out the video, but also add lower 3rds, graphics, and pre-recorded scenes. I grilled Switcher Studio on the latency issues. The biggest issue being lag from a phone to the audio track being supplied. I was assured that as long as audio came into the iPad via Lightning or headset, it will...

How to Facebook Live Through iOS Using Wirecast Go, Teradek Live Solo

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFacebook Live is a great way to run video, but you have no options for a lower 3rd, overlay graphics, watermark or anything else. There are two iOS apps out there that allow you to do that from Wirecast and Teradek. I show you what you have to do to set up the Live from your profile, and then each app. What You Need for iOS Setup The common RTMP url is: rtmp://rtmp-api.facebook.com:80/rtmp/ Set up the RTMP security key, if you streaming from a Facebook Page, go to Publishing Tools (top of page) -> Video Library (left of page) -> “+Live” Button (top of page). If you are trying to stream from your own profile, you will need help with the setup. iag.me set up a button. Get the LINK here. iOS Apps to accomplish extra options like lower 3rds Get Wirecast Go...

Remove the iPhone Headphone Jack Already!

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis week we focus on the iPhone Headphone Jack. Here is why this technology really doesn’t matter anymore. Using the Monoprice 600801 USB Microphone which I got in for review. Morning Geeks! Episode 9 Show Notes – Goodbye to Anton Yelchin and shame to Jeep. Get your car checked for recalls! – Rogue One Details on the cast – Justice League movie synopsis and villian – New Transformer: Squeek – Super Awesome Nerf Gun – MISSED: Wah Shoe – Mark Zuckerberg Tapes His Webcam – Burger King’s Mac and Cheetos – Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters – Westworld on HBO – Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children – Seinfeld Doom Level – Kung Fu Panda 3 on DVD Tuesday

New Twitter Page, iPhone App: First Look, Keyboard Shortcuts

New Twitter Page, iPhone App: First Look, Keyboard Shortcuts

Jeffrey Powers looks at the new twitter redesign, the iPhone app, the Keyboard shortcuts and the new #Discover section