Pure Storage Build Day with vBrownBag Live Stream

This week I’ve been in Mountain View, CA. I have been working with Alastair Cooke and giving value to Enterprise tech company . On Thursday, July 20th, starting at 12 PM EST – 9 AM PST, we will be conducting a Build Day,

What is Pure Storage

This is an event where we install a device into our test infrastructure. Our system simulates a Data center with minimalist hardware.

We will be installing an M50 Flash array into the vBrownBag Corporation. We will install our VM environment onto the array. With time, we will also be upgrading the device to an M70.

Within 4 hours, we will do the installation, upgrade important areas of the center, and finalize for production.

Things to Think about on Installation

  • Types of networking connections into the infrastructure. 10 GB Fiber is recommended
  • How to plan the upgrade
  • When is the best time to update to M70
  • Hardware you may need for this integration and installation

Build Day Hardware

With a new lab box, we have a system that will handle a high-volume system such as an all-flash array. Two ESXI servers, Supermicro E200-8D machines with 128 GB of RAM and Intel XEON-D CPU. Dual 10 GBE (8 ports total), along with dual 1 GBE (8 ports).

About Pure Storage

Named a leader in GartnerMQ for SSA a fourth year in a row, Pure Storage is more than a Storage solution for your Data center. The Data platform will allow your Enterprise to create and maintain your cloud solution.

Using the all-flash data platform, this cloud will run at optimal performance for your customers and company – whether 1,000 or one million strong.

About vBrownBag Build Day

This is the second Build Day in the series. vBrownBag goals are simple: to give administrators an alternate source for education and installation how-to so they can plan and execute a successful build in their infrastructures.

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