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Live Build Day Live AMA at Datrium

Will be live streaming with vBrownBag at Datrium on the Build Day Live we created 6 months ago. The live stream will begin at 12:00 PM PST with Brian Biles – CEO and co-founder of Datrium, Dhanabal Ekambaram, and Devin Hamilton.

Oracle Ravello Build Day Live in Isreal Dec. 7 at 9 AM PST

?? It’s our first Build Day Live overseas, and in a country I’ve never been to before! We are in Tel Aviv, Isreal where we take to the Cloud! Oracle Ravello has a Cloud Management platform and Hypervisor that allows you to run on either AWS, Google, or Oracle public clouds. They also have a software-defined network component that allows enterprise networks to be built on top of those public clouds. We will be using an ESX server to connect with the Oracle Ravello system so we can start deploying VMs across our own network. The Live Stream happens on December 7th at 9 AM PST – which is at 7 PM here in Isreal. The process will include exclusive interviews with engineers talking about the product, and giving us a guided tour through the interface.

Build Day Live: HPE SimpliVity 380 Build Day

I will be joining Alastair Cooke once again for another Build Day Live, as we install SimpliVity 380 into his network. This is a live series where we come to the company and walk through an install of hardware into our infrastructure. Our goal: Deploy a 3+2 with Federation 2 cluster. Install VM instances, talk backup, do a DVP deep dive, and much more (as time allows). It is awesome that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has invited us back to build a SimpliVity box. We’ve been here since last week working on strategy, and going through a dry run to make sure we have everything in place for the stream. We have Brian Knudtson, Marcel Guerin, Richard Greenwalt,and many more joining in on the conversation, and support knowledge to make this all go smooth. Of course, Becca Taylor is helping us with much of the support needs, and...

Pure Storage Build Day with vBrownBag Live Stream

This week I’ve been in Mountain View, CA. I have been working with Alastair Cooke and vBrownBag giving value to Enterprise tech company Pure Storage. On Thursday, July 20th, starting at 12 PM EST – 9 AM PST, we will be conducting a Build Day, What is Pure Storage Build Day This is an event where we install a device into our test infrastructure. Our system simulates a Data center with minimalist hardware. We will be installing an M50 Flash array into the vBrownBag Corporation. We will install our VM environment onto the array. With time, we will also be upgrading the device to an M70. Within 4 hours, we will do the installation, upgrade important areas of the center, and finalize for production. Things to Think about on Installation Types of networking connections into the infrastructure. 10 GB Fiber is recommended How to plan the upgrade When...