Facebook Wants to Give Your Credit Cards to 3rd Party Apps

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It’s grilling season for me – inherited a gas grill that needed a little bit of TLC. The is I am grilling everything. No TWIGG this week, next week Kathi Browne will be joining us. I will be trying out Google Hangouts Live Q&A to see how this will play into future recordings.

I’m using a new mixer for this episode of Geek Smack. The Monoprice 615808 pro audio 8-. Tell me what you think of the sound.


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Geek Smack! episode 275 Tech News:

– Microsoft debuts new Surface Pro 2 models updating to the Haswell i5 chipset
China Lifts Bans
– Shanghi will get Twitter, Facebook blogging in their new free-trade zone. 
New iMacs

– Apple announced new with the Haswell chipset up to 3.5 GHz, 32 GB memory and 4 GB video. All with 802.11ac wireless
iPhones are NOT Waterproof
– Fake ad was getting people to submerge their into water – ultimately destroying the devices
Spoiler Foiler
- has a new app that will redact any twitter post with spoilers like Breaking Bad
AT&T Broadcast plans
– AT&T wants to put broadcast channels on .
Samsung 64-bit
– Samsung’s new 64-bit chip might not show up until next year in the Galaxy S5
New York Text Stops
– New signs will come up in NY saying this is a Text

Geekedia of the Week

Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox 360

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

iTunes Radio Winning?
– iTunes Radio picked up 11 million subscriptions. Even though it could push out Pandora, the service is up 67%
Apple TV Update

– Apparently the last update bricked some set top boxes. A new version of the update is now available for download.
GMail Down
– GMail suffered an outtage on Monday. All is back up now.
Dropbox Joins
– Dropbox joins Google, Facebook, Microosoft and more about publishing information of national security requests
Google Play iMessages
– You could get an iMessage from Google Play to Android, iOS, Mac and PC.
Novell Loses to Microsoft
– MSWord did not undermine WordPerfect
Samsung, LG make up
– The two companies decide to end display disputes with each other so they can move forward
Chrome Banning Plugins
– Those chrome plugins that don’t follow standards will be banned

Geek Smack: Facebook Credit Card Numbers to 3rd Party Apps?

It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it definitely makes you think of your privacy. A few years ago, a new feature rolled out in web browsers – saving your personal information so it was easier to autofill. Now, Facebook wants to do the same thing – including credit card information.

They’ve already rolled out the service to a select few users with two companies they can use it with; Jack Threads and Mosaic photo printing. They will be rolling more verified vendors as they go with this new process.

Autofill will also remember your name, address, email information and more so when you are on a mobile device (such as your phone), you can buy something quick and easily.

It does make securing your information more important. You don’t want an Apple-picker grabbing your iPhone, running some charges up or simply finding out where you live by autofilling some information, then coming over to your house for your other goodies.

If you are concerned about your information, there are two ways you can fix this:

First, you don’t need to opt-in to this program. When you are asked, simply say no. Facebook will not share your information.

Second, make sure no credit card information is in your Facebook profile. You can do this by going to Settings then Payments. Remove any payment information (credit card, Paypal, etc).

Facebook has multiple protocols in place to try and keep your data secure. This sharing of card information would only be to companies that also have similar security measures in place.

Still, be careful in who you transact with. If you choose to keep cards on file, be aware who you are making payments to; especially those who you are making recurring payments to.

The best security is to simply remove all card information and manually enter credit card numbers as you go.

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