Jeffrey Powers Makes Bobby Lehew a Better Marketer in Seven Minute Smarketer – #BWELA

7 minute Smarketer

7 minute Smarketer

Sometimes in this world of podcasting, the tables turn and the interviewer becomes the interviewee. That is what happened with Bobby Lehew’s 7 Minute Smarketer podcast. I sat down with Bobby and talked about one thing to make him a smarter marketer.

Of course, the stakes were high. If I didn’t make him smarter, I would have to buy him a beer.

I talked about what I knew – Evergreen content. How it can be an important part of your website, and how you never know something becomes evergreen. People’s favorite podcast episodes could become life lessons for them.

After seven minutes, though, I kinda was the one who felt a little smarter. We talked back and forth, and I noticed how 2 Snowball mics, a Macbook Pro and an iPad can be a very powerful podcast tool.

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