Adam Spiegelman on Proudly Resents, Independent Podcast Alliance – #BWELA

Proudly Resents

Proudly Resents

In this episode of ’s show by and Geekazine, Adam Spiegelman joined Jeffrey and talked about his podcast – Proudly Resents. In this show, he brings on a guest (mostly ) and they talk about TV and movies that seem to gain cult status. Comedians like Jimmy Pardo, Steve Agee,  and more.

“I love these movies.” Said Adam.  “We got really funny comics like Christian Finnegan that go ‘What the Hell’. It’s a funny show about bad films.”

Adam also promotes independent artists. He started a Facebook page called Independent Podcast Alliance. This is a group that will help independent podcasters asking questions and getting responses. It’s a free group on Facebook that you have to join. It also causes some debate, which is great, because you can find out what people are saying.

Finally, Adam talks about a new game show concept called: Dreamtweet – the gameshow to go.

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