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5 Years of Geekazine.com – The Good, Bad and the Future

Do you remember what you were doing 5 years ago today? I do. I started this website. -Jeffrey Powers, Geekazine.com It was this day in 2007 where I hit the button and started Geekazine.com. The podcast was already running (as I started it a month prior). I launched the website and did the podcast for the day. I felt it was a great launch and an exciting time for me and Geekazine. Then I got laid off from my job. It was literally the day before launch that I was called into a room and told my services were no longer welcome. I was also sick during the launch and the audio was not going my way. I took the negative focus and put it in positive articles on Geekazine. Adding the Focus section and the video (pic 1*) which I talked about tech how-to. I also started...


Jason Rupp – Ask.com on PollRoll: Polling App – SXSW 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at SXSW, I sat down with Jason Rupp of Ask.com and we talked about a new application they are rolling out. It’s first coming out for the iPhone, but will make it’s way to iPad, web and Android devices in the coming weeks. The name of the app is called PollRoll. It’s a simple poll of a question you might have. You could ask who like Justin Beiber. Then again, you might see a nice pair of boots and ask if you should buy them. PollRoll has the audience of Ask.com behind it. Therefore, if you have the poll open, you can get a wide variety of answers. Right now, you can see what your friends think, what the overall audience thinks, and what the local audience (in your area) thinks. For instance, Jason was looking at a pair of...

Successful Podcasting: Is There a True 7 Step Formula? 0

Successful Podcasting: Is There a True 7 Step Formula?

Today, a friend (@accarrino) posted the following tweet. It was from Mashable’s writer Brian Casel (@casjam). The name of the article was the 7 Tips for Launching a Successful podcast. But all of a sudden it sparked emotion out of me; I got peeved at this article and more peeved that it was on Mashable. 7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast http://on.mash.to/gT4Gdo /cc @stwo @[email protected]@roanhouse jon accarrino I read through the article, it made 7 points. While some of the points made sense, I felt this article told me nothing. Here is what it said in a nutshell: Choose a Topic you are Passionate about Brand Your Podcast Format and Structure Plan Your Content Record, Broadcast and Edit Grow Your Audience Monetize Your Podcast I’ll tell you two things. First, if these seven points were true, I would be a podcast rock star. Second, half the “Successful” podcasters don’t...

Announcing the Summer of Podcasts II contest: June 1st through Aug 31st 3

Announcing the Summer of Podcasts II contest: June 1st through Aug 31st

For Immediate Release: Apr. 27, 2010: Podcast Madness – www.podcastmadness.com – has announced the 2nd Summer of Podcasts contest. A contest that brings podcasters and listeners together during the summer months, while giving away some great prizes. The Summer of Podcasts contest started in 2009. The idea was simple: to help listeners find new shows and help podcasters grow their audience. Last year the contest was run by 15 participants giving 21 prizes to 125 entrants. This year, Podcast Madness hopes to have more diverse shows and a broader reach. “I met some great people during last years contest and gained a few listeners to my shows.” Says Jeffrey Powers, organizer of Podcast Madness. “We had a great turnout and I hope to use this vehicle to really push all shows. And the best part is we are accepting all podcasts and videocasts from around the world.” Sponsors...

National Podcast Post Month and Podcast Madness = Winning month! 0

National Podcast Post Month and Podcast Madness = Winning month!

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSNovember is the month to ramp up the shows. I have been working on a new Podcast Madness contest – slated to start next week. If you are a podcaster, you should participate in this contest. I send you a code you can give to your audience. They put the code in and therefore a chance to win. However, the National Podcast Post Month is simple: One podcast a day for 30 days. I normally do that with the Day in Tech History anyway, but I am going to ramp up some other stuff to try and surpass the 34 I would normally do. I suppose with the video, it’s more like 38 a month, so I figure 50-60 would be a good number to hit. I do have a few video reviews from Blogworld New Media Expo that I have to...

Week In Tech History – 3-09-09 – The Mark Zuckerberg SXSW Interview 0

Week In Tech History – 3-09-09 – The Mark Zuckerberg SXSW Interview

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt was March 9th 2008 – SXSW. Keynote was Sarah Lacy talking to Mark Zuckerberg. What was thought to be a standard interview at first turns into a interesting media event turning onto the business reporter. Of course, it was the audience that turned this from a “Bad interview” into a fracas. “Other than really rough interviews, what are the toughest obstacles Facebook faces?” That pretty much summed up the whole interview. Well, that and the rejoicing that was done afterward. Other events in Tech history: Cherry OS PowerPC Emulator, ashes of Gene Roddenberry and the end of the dot com boom. We also hear about the discontinuance of the Apple IIcx, the first CeBIT and Polaroid ending the production of Instamatic Cameras. Brought to you by GotoMeeting – Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts.

Turn Your Blog Post Into A Podcast 0

Turn Your Blog Post Into A Podcast

Geekazine is looking to expand the Geekazine Quickcast – a Podcast produced multiple times a week including ‘The Week in Tech History’, ‘Get Certified’ and ‘1 Topic’. Each show is listened to by many every week. I am looking for individuals that Blog on technology and want to give their Blogs a new medium. By being part of the Geekazine Podcast, you will also introduce the Geekazine audience onto your site. Simply contact Geekazine of which Blog you would like to turn into an audio version and I will do the rest. I will review the blog and see if it will fit with the Quickcast. If you are interested, please drop a line. Official Press Releases: http://www.free-press-release.com/news/200902/1234811297.html