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This Guy Built A Commodore 64 VR Rig

VR is all about immersive experiences.The more real it is, the better. The problem is, not everyone can afford a $500 Oculus Rift headset and a thousand dollar VR-ready gaming PC. Well, there is a cheaper option. If you don’t mind taking a technological step backward. One Commodore 64 fan created a pair of virtual reality goggles for the classic 8-bit computer, the Commodore 64. You can find the supplies you need for cheap at thrift shops. Jim_64 added an LCD display to a cheap pair of VR goggles. These mirror what’s on an old CRT TV connected to his Commodore 64. So how to you get VR content on an old rig like this? Well, Jim_64 had to code his own virtual reality adventure game called Street Defender. When I say Virtual Reality, in this case it is what VR might have looked like way back when....

Soldering Iron Is Hacked To Play Tetris

You know how it is, when you are soldering away and suddenly you realize that you want to play Tetris on your soldering iron. I’m sure we have all had that thought while soldering. I know, me either, but this genius’ mind obviously is wired different than ours. The TS100 is an open-source soldering iron that has the ability to program its temperature. So the device uses a tiny OLED screen, and this is what allowed YouTuber Joric to hack the device and play Tetris on it. Now it is a great distraction for when you should be soldering. Obviously, this is never going to replace your Game Boy. It is simply the kind of hack that you do just to see if it can be done, and because, why not? Check out the minute-and-a-half demo video below. It’s worth it for the music alone. I had no...


TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Recap

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI got into New York at about 10 AM and headed right to the event. Hackers have been working over the last 24 hours. I am sad I couldn’t get to watch them in action but happy I got to see the end results during the hackathon. The presentation itself was well done. They only had 60 seconds to present and the MCs kept them to that – only giving extra time to technical issues. Some presenters were well oiled machines while others didn’t do that well. A couple presented a pitch but didn’t show a product. In a Hackathon you have to show your work at the end. I heard some tweets where presenters were not allowed to show their hack because of the rating of their presentation. This was to avoid the problems from last year presentations. There are...

Week in Tech History – 5-25-09 – Comcast Hacked 0

Week in Tech History – 5-25-09 – Comcast Hacked

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBrought to you by Citrix’ Goto Assist Express – Get a 30 day free trial May 29th 2008 – Comcast had a different type of attack. This one opened the eyes to how our records in ICANN were being handled. The infamous “Comcast Hack” was where hackers did not attack the servers themselves, but they found a way into Network Solutions and changed the DNS of the webpage. Once the DNS is changed, the homepage would then redirect to servers of their choosing. Other historical notes – The Woodstock of the web. We also heard about the first computer patent and the Dell computer fraud. This is all on the Podcast

Monster Hack – Bitstrips 0

Monster Hack – Bitstrips

So Monster.com got hacked again. Although there was no credit card info captured, they did get enough info to call or email you and make it sound pretty darn legitimate. Of course, you are encouraged to log in, change your password (don’t make it the same as your email btw) and check to make sure your information is correct. I have completely changed my resume. Anyone need a Podcaster? This week’s Bitstrips is about the hack. If you notice, Monster had moved on from the Monster “Monster”. Maybe he’s become a disgruntled Monster? Maybe this Monster will take retaliation? HMMM….

Ep. #51 9-17-08 – No Illness will bring the show down. 0

Ep. #51 9-17-08 – No Illness will bring the show down.

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Episode 48 – 8-27-08 – Coffee Leaves and Cameras 1

Episode 48 – 8-27-08 – Coffee Leaves and Cameras

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Geekazine Weekly Podcast #5 10-31-07

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Show #5 Notes – 10/31/07 Apple Leopard News: 2 Million Copies Sold – MacDailyNews Adobe Apps on Leopard: What You Need to Know – John Nack on Adobe Blog Mac BSOD? – CNet Holes in Max OS – builder.au Hack to run Leopard on a PC – Information Week On the Geek: Seagate Offers 5% refunds on Storage Products – Geek.com NEC SX-9 Fastest Computer Ever? – Geek.com Hitachi Bringing Ultri-Thin LCD HDTVs – Geek.com Samsung 30nm 128 GB Memory Cards – Geek.com Cool Geek Stuff: Computer Repair Utility Kit – Technibble More News:


Geekazine Weekly Podcast #4 10-24-07

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSShow #4 Notes – 10/24/0 Whats New with Mac OS X Server IPods and IPhones Help in Mac Sales? Windows MINWIN Wireless SD Card Half CD, Half Vinyl Comcast BlocksBit Torrent Traffic Dot ComFever Part II A New Napster Make Office 2007 Look Like 2003 Law Firm Uses Copyright Claim to Deny Use of Source Code SanDisk Lets you Take TV With You WEP Hacked The Incredible Shrinking Radio Worlds Smallest Mini-Tornado Singles on USB Canada Taxes Music Downloads Google 4 GB of gmail Storage Worst Gadget Invented The Tracking Jacket Links To Note: 32 Things You Can Do with Beer Apple in 2015 MakeYour Own Smartphone?