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SXSW 2014 in Pictures

This was my SXSW. I had a lot of fun this year meeting new people and creating new interviews. Of course, this was the year of the selfie for me – Since selfies are suppose to be therapeutic. I got a lot of them with some great superstars My Celebrity SXSW Watch It all started at the Roku streaming lounge when I met one of my all-time favorite wrestlers Sgt. Slaughter. He was getting ready to talk about how the WWE was proud to be on Roku, and was gracious to be a part of the photo as I had to run to another interview. While at the Samsung lounge, I was able to get a picture with Dan Harmon (Community). He was singing phallic songs the crew had created. That night, I ran into Ron Pearlman (13 Sins) at an undisclosed location. We met in the bathroom, but I got...


Full Interview: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Arrington

While at TechCrunch Disrupt, I got the opportunity to watch the fireside chat with founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and CrunchFund founder Michael Arrington. This is the first time Zuckerberg has spoken since Facebook went public (so when Facebook went public, Facebook went private). I have taken a few key moments out of the video for you. In Hindsight Would You Do Anything? We are going to do things we think to build value over the longterm. Over the next 3-5 years the biggest question on everyone’s minds is how well we do on mobile. We’ve been in this quiet period for the last 6 months since right up to we started the IPO. A lot of stuff has changed. 6 months ago on mobile, we launched our new set of apps, so we were still in a pretty bad place. Apple hadn’t announce the iOS integration and...


Photos from TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012

This week was a long one, but a lot of fun. I met many companies that have some interesting startups. A good mix of videos along with learning more about being a startup or investor. I got to see Kevin Rose, Mark Zuckerberg, Biz Stone and Evan Williams speak (amongst others). I saw old friends and met new ones. It’s been a fun week. I tried to take photos every chance I could. Here is the photoroll of my trip to TCDisrupt.

Facebook share 0

My 1 Share of Facebook Stock Came Today

Yes, last week, I bought 1 share of Facebook stock. The replica stock came in the mail today. I was pretty happy with the purchase, and I can say I was a first gen Facebook stock buyer. It’s all about novelty, but if this stock does well, novelty can turn to profit. Why I bought 1 share of Facebook Like I said on Geek Smack! last week – I bought it for novelty. I was too young to purchase Apple or Microsoft stock when they issued their IPO. I didn’t buy Yahoo! stock (thank god!) or Google stock when they filed. I didn’t even buy Packer stock yet. So when an event like Facebook has a stock offering, I decided to be a 1st Gen owner. The reality: I can lose $38. Actually, it was more for the replica piece of paper. But still – If this stock...

Yay! HP Keeps PC Division, Focusing on Tablet. What does that Mean to Me? 0

Yay! HP Keeps PC Division, Focusing on Tablet. What does that Mean to Me?

HP did the right thing by bringing the PC market off the for sale list. But how is the group going to fair at this point?

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Skype Video Calling in 150 Umms or Less 2

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Skype Video Calling in 150 Umms or Less

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced Video Calling with Microsoft’s new acquisition in Skype. However, Mark’s presentation wasn’t that of a Steve Jobs (nor does it have to be). Nonetheless, a good presentation is important. We look at what Zuckerberg did wrong and how to fix it.

Geek Smack! #191: Google+ vs Facebook – Fight of the Century 0

Geek Smack! #191: Google+ vs Facebook – Fight of the Century

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS www.thegeeksmack.com – This week’s episode of Geek Smack! Happy post- 4th of July all. Hope you had your share of burgers and blowin stuff up. It’s been a thin weekend of news because everyone has been salivating over a new Social Network. Still, we have a full show of Smack for you, so here it is. Do you like the new format? Take my small survey and let me know! Geek Smack Sponsor board! Backup with Mozy, use code “Geek” for 15% off! Mozy Unlimited Backup – $4.95/Month Sticher: Sign up, download and you could win $100 The video portion of this show is shot using Wirecast for Windows – Also for Mac OS X Check out the Geekazine Store Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the audio version Subscribe: Feedburner – Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry...

Drawing Lines in the Sand: Google+ is Not Facebook. At Least Not Just YET… 1

Drawing Lines in the Sand: Google+ is Not Facebook. At Least Not Just YET…

There are a lot of people that snapped up the Google+ invite when they had the chance. It’s right now mostly made up of Tech-savvy and Social Mediates.  Since it’s introduction last week, there has been a lot of Buzz about it (no, not Google Buzz) – Some have even made the statement that they are moving to Google+ from Facebook. That may not be the best move right now and we’ll talk about why. The Google+ Project Google+ was created to compete with Facebook. Who are you and what are you doing with audio, pictures and video. Google+ is (right now) a social network. People sharing items back and forth with others, people commenting and giving a “+1” (compared to the Facebook Like button). Google+ big difference is how you catalog your friends. You can put them into circles, from the 4 categories they give you (Family, Friends, Acquaintances and...

Geek News Morning Tech Show 2-12-11: Talking Tech 0

Geek News Morning Tech Show 2-12-11: Talking Tech

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI was on the Morning Tech Show with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee. We talk about Rob’s Nissan Leaf (coming soon), New RSS elements and iTunes Ping. News dealt with Nokia and the switch from Symbian to Windows 7. We talk about Seedbox, a cloud service for Bittorrents. AOL buys Huffington Post – What that meant to unpaid bloggers. After a small hangup with Skype, we continue on with Wael Ghonim – the Google Exec that was a key in Egypt politics. Google on the new VP8 and the lawsuit on the new codec being open source. Mark Zuckerberg announces that citizen journalism is more socialized. Last leg we discussed about Verizon iPhone in Fargo, ND. Apple is getting gaming to Apple TV. Google is doing Wedding Planning. SXSW BitTorrent and final thoughts.

Facebook’s Email Killer that’s Not an Email Killer 0

Facebook’s Email Killer that’s Not an Email Killer

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced an expansion of their messaging service. It’s not here to replace email, but to enhance it. However, with opportunity that no one will get any more spam and usability will be easier simply because it’s within Facebook, would you really want to keep your other email account? I personally have more than one email address. That is part of my role. I figure that this will just be another extension to mail collection. Great. The more functionality that gets added, the more people will use it. If there are no privacy issues attached, then expect the masses to gravitate away from their hotmail, yahoo, and gmail accounts. Even businesses might move to the service. Now before you discount that statement: I remember when Gmail started business services and the same thing was said. Now there are companies that ditched their Exchange servers for a Gmail apps...

Facebook Founder Fazed at All Things D 0

Facebook Founder Fazed at All Things D

MarketWatch, a website run by the Wall Street Journal, reports on an interview of Mark Zuckerberg at the All Things D Conference. I’ve not heard of the All Things D Conference, but I know that, if the Wall Street Journal is covering it in any way, it must have been full of movers and shakers moving and shaking. Mr. Zuckerberg did more shaking than moving. From the story: The interview was rich in irony. For the CEO of a company that wants everyone to share information, Zuckerberg clearly did not like talking about himself in front of some of the tech industry’s biggest movers and shakers. Just like a teenager who posts something silly on Facebook that he or she will regret later, Zuckerberg did not like being reminded of what may have been some of his less-than-finer moments. (The whole thing is worth the five minutes it...

Facebook and the Meaning of “the Default Is Social” 0

Facebook and the Meaning of “the Default Is Social”

Facebook’s privacy practices continue to be in the news. The BBC reports that Mark Zuckerberg has promised to simply the privacy controls. Meanwhile, Aditya Chakrabortty, writing in the Guardian, reminds us of why this stuff is important by recalling this story: In summer 2006, AOL did something unprecedented in the history of the internet: it published a database showing what 658,000 members had searched for over three months. A mammoth exercise, this was also one of the most uncynical ever undertaken by a billion-dollar company – AOL shared the information for free, in the hope it would help researchers understand how people were using the web. It was also scrupulous about the confidentiality of customers. All subscriber details were scrubbed out, so that a login such as LimpCourgette223 became drab old User 338765. The only thing left was a list of 20m search terms. Except that list, coupled...

Week In Tech History – 3-09-09 – The Mark Zuckerberg SXSW Interview 0

Week In Tech History – 3-09-09 – The Mark Zuckerberg SXSW Interview

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt was March 9th 2008 – SXSW. Keynote was Sarah Lacy talking to Mark Zuckerberg. What was thought to be a standard interview at first turns into a interesting media event turning onto the business reporter. Of course, it was the audience that turned this from a “Bad interview” into a fracas. “Other than really rough interviews, what are the toughest obstacles Facebook faces?” That pretty much summed up the whole interview. Well, that and the rejoicing that was done afterward. Other events in Tech history: Cherry OS PowerPC Emulator, ashes of Gene Roddenberry and the end of the dot com boom. We also hear about the discontinuance of the Apple IIcx, the first CeBIT and Polaroid ending the production of Instamatic Cameras. Brought to you by GotoMeeting – Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts.

Pirates of Silicon – A Song and Special Quickcast 2

Pirates of Silicon – A Song and Special Quickcast

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS*If you like this podcast, Nominate for the 4th Annual, People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Thanks* We have commemorated “Talk like a Pirate Day” in my other circles for the last few years now. It’s cool to see and hear mainstream picking it up. Ye all need to talk like a pirate e’ry now and then. When I woke up this morning, I said “Yar! I need to write a Shanty”. So I did. Since my main Guitar is in the shop, I picked up the practice guitar and strummed out the song. A quick recording and mixing and Voila! A new song is born. Here are the Lyrics if you want to sing along.