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Monster Elements Hybrid Over the Ear Headphones

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI’ve had many pair of headphones since the 80’s. I’ve had dollar store phones to high-end audio driving sound. So when it came to reviewing these Monster Elements over the ear headphones, I was sure I’d get a great sound. I wasn’t disappointed. About the Monster Elements Over the Ear Headphones Monster has created a set of headphones for your need. Wired when you’re working on music or battery is low, wireless Bluetooth for those times a cord gets in the way, and even USB audio so you can connect that headset up to the computer. Elements headphones are not noise cancelling, but they do have plush ear cushions that knock out a lot of sound. There are also dual sound modes and echo suppression technology inside to deliver great sound, from music on the bus, to a movie on the...

Earin M-2 Wireless Earbud Headphones for iPhone, Android

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs we move away from wired headsets, we look for devices that will not only deliver great sound, but also stay in our ears. Last year, Earin came on the scene with a wireless earbud and power capsule to go with your new iPhone 7 or Lenovo Moto Z (both devices without headphone jack). The folks at Earin came on the scene last year with their M-1 earbuds. Bluetooth earbuds with a charging case for up to 9 hours of listening pleasure. This year at CES 2017 Bluetooth Conference, Earin shows off the new M-2 earbuds. These headphones now include a microphone technology so you can take calls, talk to Siri or Android Assistant, or record audio for podcasts or voice messages. The microphone drivers include a proprietary noise removal algorithm technology so you can have a phone conversation in a...

Sony URXP03D Easily Connects Wired and Wireless Microphones

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you wanted to mic up a guest to an interview such as this one, you would need two wireless receivers to do it. Sony is now helping fix that with the UWP-D series wireless mics. The URXP03D is a receiver that not only can connect two wireless sources but also allows for two more inputs for many different operations. While at NAB 2016, I talked with Andy and learned about all the types of wireless they offer. The UWP-D series includes in-camera adapters and external adapters such as the URXP03D. This receiver is a 4-input, 2 output device. This means you can connect 2 wireless microphones – lavaliere or handheld – and either one or two microphones through the Mic Input (stereo connection). This will give you ability to mic the room and the speakers, then adjust for maximum performance. The...


Acoustic Stream is a Bluetooth Wireless Guitar and Microphone

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSImagine a device that can send your guitar signal and vocals to the amp, then give you a wireless in-ear. That is what Acoustic Stream is all about. Acoustic or electric guitar – Acoustic stream could be the bluetooth wireless alternative. Backed as a Kickstarter, Acoustic Stream was able to raise the money to continue development to this device. The Bluetooth dongle pairs with an iOS or Android device to turn into a recording unit, tuner, or push the signal to an amplifier. Best part is you don’t need a pickup on the guitar – the Acoustic Stream will become that pickup. I talked with Bob Bean – creator of the device. He has been working on this project and plans to turn this into your 4-in-1 wireless device. That means you will be able to also connect a microphone and...


LiveU Streaming Packs LU400, LU500, Smart Grip Stick – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSVideo streaming is a great way to get a show out to the public right now. LiveU has been giving us ways to stream video to a streaming service or back to the station for live coverage. Using packs that have multiple wireless endpoints working in tandem, if one carrier cannot send the signal another one can help out. I talked with Avi Cohen, COO of LiveU about the newest versions of streaming devices. Avi showed us the LU500, a smaller backpack solution that has 6-8 4G cards inside to get the action. The LU500 is only 2.2 lbs and with the backpack allows for a cameraperson to be on the go. The LU500 battery will run for around 3 hours – depending on how you use the pack. You can connect a camera, computer, or used the quick editing feature inside...

Absolute Lo-Jack Challenge 0

I’m Taking the Absolute LoJack Challenge

We are at an age where if we lose our connected devices, we feel lost or even violated. Not only is this a gateway to our friends and family through social apps, but it also contains our pictures, documents, lives – all on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Last July I had my iPhone stolen (also known as “Cherry picked”), which put me in a loop. I technically went through this challenge back then unwittingly. I ended up getting a $15 “burner” phone while I was on a 2 day trip, then replaced with an old smartphone to save money. Of course we know that a laptop is stolen every 50 seconds. The price of any iPhone on the black market is a couple hundred bucks – while you spend over $600 to replace it yourself. You might have insurance through renters or home owners insurance, but the...

Acoustic Research: AirPlay Wireless Frees Your iTunes Library – CES 2012 0

Acoustic Research: AirPlay Wireless Frees Your iTunes Library – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSJeremy Stoehr from Vox International stopped into the TPN CES Live coverage. His company is part of RCA, Jenssen, Advent and more. He represented Acoustic Research, and their new AirPlay Wireless Audio System. AirPlay is just that – to free you from wires. The device is a system that frees your music from your PC and iTunes, then allow it to play without your house. Acoustic Research AirPlay also has a tether option. You can expand it so the music can enter more than one room. If you want to separate one box from another tether, you can. AirPlay is a 10 W x2 system. AirPlay will be available this April for $129.99. They are also planning Bluetooth and 900 MHz wireless antennas and more. Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network. [cessponsor]

TYLT: Chargers, Cables With Fashion, Functionality – CES 2012 0

TYLT: Chargers, Cables With Fashion, Functionality – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSBuilt to TYLT. They looked at the car charger cable, and wanted to make it look cool. That is what the TYLT charger is all about. They have cables for all devices, with tangle-free cords. TYLT also has a 1800 mA battery charger for your on-the road charger. Plug in the built-in cable and charge up. The Power Plan is a 5200 mA  plug that can charge an iPad up to 30%. These can replace those wall warts that you plug your USB device into. So you use this like you would plugging your phone or iPad into the wall, but it also charges the internal battery so you can continue to charge while looking for another outlet, or on the go. TYLT also has iPhone cases with a lens cover for your iPhone. The Cush is a designer case. The...

PrivacyStar: Block Phone Numbers from Calling – CES 2012 0

PrivacyStar: Block Phone Numbers from Calling – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSPrivacy Star blocks your phone numbers from any type of solicitors, including pollsters. The PrivacyStar app will control and monitor your mobile device. Smart Block will crowdsource the top 25 numbers, then block those numbers for the week. They also have a caller ID function, which will tell you who is calling. With the Do Not Disturb mode, all unblocked numbers will be forwarded to a custom text message. Most important, you can file a complaint if the caller is harassing you, right from the phone. This app is for Android or Blackberry users. iPhone launch will be Q2. They are also looking at VoIP solutions. Seven day free trial, $2.99 a month after (credit card or direct charge on phone). Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network. [cessponsor]

Parrot: AR Drone Mark2, Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones – CES 2012 0

Parrot: AR Drone Mark2, Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSParrot first came into our CES radar back in 2009 when their AR Drone spun off on the TPN Backchannel. Parrot is back with the AR. Drone Mark 2. The Mark 2 is controlled by a smart phone or tablet with one button launch. Once launched, the Mark 2 will sit and hove until command. The AR. Drone Mark 2.0 can fly up to 150 feet in the air. Stabilization and pressure sensor technology are built into the Mark 2.0. There are two cameras – front is an HD camera and back has a standard def camera on the bottom, which you can record or stream. The AR. Drone Mark 2 should be available according to Peter George of Parrot in the second quarter of 2012 for about $299.00 Parrot also introduced the Parrot Zik . This is a pair of noise cancellation stereo...

Recon Instruments: Display in Ski Goggles for Skiers, Snowboarders – CES 2012 0

Recon Instruments: Display in Ski Goggles for Skiers, Snowboarders – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSA heads up display in your goggles for skiers? That is what Recon Instruments is working on. These goggles won a CES innovation award. It’s a pair of goggles, but it tells you a lot more. “This is our Mod Live.” Mark says. “It’s an Android based unit. It provides skiiers, snowboarders, snowmobiles, anyone with real time data – speed, vertical decent, distance traveled, altitude.” Find Recon Instruments through Amazon Mod Live also ships with a variety of apps, including buddy tracker, navigation, points of interest. It has caller ID, and playlist to know what you are hearing. The GPS data keeps you informed. There is even a vitals monitor for you to check your heart rate of that last jump. They don’t make the goggles – they make the technology. They have some manufacturers, and are soon partnering with others. The...

Roku: New Roku HDMI Stick Makes Smart TVs – #CES 2012 0

Roku: New Roku HDMI Stick Makes Smart TVs – #CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn this world of over-the-top television, there are a lot of different choices. If your TV does not have a “smart” feature, you end up having to purchase a third-party solution. And with many boxes to choose from, it’s a tough decision at times. However, Roku is working to make that decision very straightforward. At CES, Roku debuted their Roku streaming stick. Ed from Roku joins Todd in showing off this little dongle that connects up to your HDMI port on your TV. Since the Roku stick plugs directly into the HDMI port, there is no need for extra cables, or even a power cable. Therefore, if you have your TV mounted to a wall, there are no extra ugly cables to go with it. Further, this new Roku connects wirelessly (just like the previous versions), so you can stream your...


Geek Smack! 213: Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Preview

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSwww.thegeeksmack.com – Happy New Year! As we start 2012, I get ready to do what I normally do. Head to Las Vegas, baby! Geek Smack! will be taking a 2-3 week hiatus as I put together the CES goodies. However, the Day in Tech History and the new show – iPad365 – will still be in full swing! Support CES 2012 Staff $25, $50, $100, Your Choice – Get 25% off hosting at Godaddy.com Hotline – 608-205-4378 – geekazine (at) gmail.com Download the audio version  Subscribe: Feedburner – Zune – iTunes – TechPodcasts – Blubrry – Stitcher You can catch me on Twitter –  Facebook Group – About.Me – Google Plus Day in Tech History – Geekazine Special Media Feed – iPad365 Geek Smack! Tech News: Google in Trouble for Chrome Sponsored Posts? – The Sponsored post is not acceptable and could lower SEO iOS, Android Post Record App Downloads – 1.2 billion during the last week of 2011 Google+ Up 55% – The Facebook takeover may be coming…...

Warpia StreamHD 1

Un-Box Me: Warpia StreamHD Wireless USB to HDMI Unboxing – Mac, Windows Install

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Connecting your computer to your TV has never been so easy. Remember the days where you couldn’t even get a simple headphone jack from your CRT TV? Connecting your DVR, Roku, PC and more to the TV is as straightforward as connecting to the HDMI port. Yet the TV is now so thin it sets on your wall and your computer is not even close to it. You don’t want to run a long cable across the room to watch your movies via DVD and control the system. That is why we have wireless USB to HDMI. Using a simple dongle, you connect one machine to the TV. No wires, no hassles. Warpia has created a wireless USB to HDMI controller called StreamHD. Best part – If you have Windows 7 or Mac OSX, you can connect the TV dock...

Wired Wireless:  “Wireless Backhaul” 0

Wired Wireless: “Wireless Backhaul”

Ultimately, wires will be involved with your wireless devices. Bloomberg reports Time-Warner wants to provide some of them: Time Warner Cable Inc., the biggest pay-television provider in New York City, is pitching phone companies including AT&T and Verizon Wireless on a service that uses its underground cables to carry mobile calls and Web downloads — easing the congestion spurred by data-hungry users of smartphones like the iPhone. The service, known in the industry as wireless backhaul, has become Time Warner Cable’s fastest-growing business after revenue tripled last year, said Craig Collins, senior vice president of business services. Across the cable industry, sales from wireless carriers may reach about $3.6 billion in 2012, according to researcher GeoResults Inc. The story goes on to say, without quoting any statistics, that iPhones use twice the capacity of other smartphone (I wonder how an iPhone compares to my Android) and that backhaul...

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go? 0

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go?

Busy Week Thanks for coming to the site. We had another great week – busy week. It was a lot of fun and really productive. Post – HPTF Of course, we went to Vegas the week before to cover the HP Technology Forum Expo. Andy McCaskey, Kara Karsten and myself were working hard with interviews, product reviews and more. This week was planning to get some of the videos out to you. So far, we’ve posted the HP POD video on Friday and have a lot more coming soon. Summer of Podcasts – Podcast Carnivale This is what really took up the majority of the week. The last month I have been working hard in getting prizes together. Now it’s time to put a contest together. That is where the Summer of Podcasts comes in. Each week, Podcasters will be giving out codewords during their shows. We will...

Win an Epson Artisan 700 – Summer of Geekazine Contest

Win an Epson Artisan 700 – Summer of Geekazine Contest

Contest has closed. Thanks to all participants. This month we are giving away an Epson Artisan 700 printer. This is a wireless printer /scanner with CD/DVD printing capability. Here are all the options: 4 in 1 Print / Copy / Scan / Ultra Hi-Def Photo Up to 38 ppm, photos in as fast as 10 sec1 Auto Photo Correction; preview on LCD Professional quality CD/DVD printing Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking Scan and restore faded photos Ultra Hi-Definition photos last 4x longer than photo lab prints Print personal note paper & greeting cards There are three parts to this contest. Follow on Twitter – @geekazine Comment below with your twitter name In the next few weeks, during the Quickcast – Week in Tech History podcast (published on Mondays), I will announce the third requirement. Check out the latest quickcast on this – we give you the 3rd step –...

Verizon To Enter Netbook Market 0

Verizon To Enter Netbook Market

The HP netbooks will come with the netbook version of Windows XP and will start at $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Read the full story here. I just looked at the Verizon Wireless website. There’s no mention of it yet.

When Streaming TV and Movies Go Mobile – Joost and iPhone 1

When Streaming TV and Movies Go Mobile – Joost and iPhone

As a kid I had this really cool TV. it was a Bentley with a 5″ Black and White screen and ran on AC power or 9 “D” batteries. It went all the way up to Channel 83, so if I hooked it up to the cable today, I would get the Big 10 network, MTV, and Disney. Yeah, Black and White, but sometimes you have to go old school. Joost is no Bentley, but they might have finally pulled into a niche here. Last week they made an iPhone app for the Joost service. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s better than nothing.

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand? 1

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand?

It’s been a year and a few months since the first iPhone was sold. Since the release of the 3G model, I’ve been seeing people with iPhones I would have never expected have one. The iPhone has brought up a new way to use the internet, the phone and a computer. Apple is under a lot of scrutiny: AT&T being the sole carrier, the Apps store program take downs and the 3G services being poor. Yet the iPhone still is the 2nd best selling phone behind the Motorola RAZR. Apple itself is set to continue through these tough times. There has been a lot of good and bad said about the iPhone. I have seen a lot of Forum posts, even more twitters and more. I decided to go ahead and ask a small group of people over at Help A Reporter what their thoughts were. I asked...

Ep. #51 9-17-08 – No Illness will bring the show down. 0

Ep. #51 9-17-08 – No Illness will bring the show down.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSick Weekend – Oct 1st is 1 year Podcast mark – Paythefan at 91% Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days – No CC needed: GoToMeeting.com/techpodcasts. Get IT Certified – Careersaver.com – 10% off with Code “Geek08” 877-654-2265 Give to the Salvation Army Nominate Geekazine for a Peoples Choice Podcast Award

Is Comcast Trying to Be the Next AOL? 0

Is Comcast Trying to Be the Next AOL?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAudio Podcast Brought to you by CareerSaver.com – Special discount on Training materials if you use code “Geek08”. 1-877-654-2265. Comcast has been riddled in the news lately. Bandwidth caps, overage fees all for simply surfing the internet. However they simultaneously opened Fancast – a Video Download site which won’t go against that cap. They also have Comcast.net, Disney Connection and Rhapsody Player Plus – All within their community. There was another company that tried to keep their members contained within their virtual fence. That company was AOL.  However, AOL has been opening up for all to use. Still, I have to ask the question: Is Comcast becoming the next AOL?

Jeffrey Powers 0

Weekly Roundup 1 – Will Android beat Godzilla, Mothra?

I am reminded of the old Godzilla movies when I hear “Android”. But in all reality, this is not much different. We just don’t see a cardboard city get demolished by 3 guys dressed in costumes. Google has given themselves not only a humungous undertaking in aquiring Android, but also a new buzzword that has been passed back and forth many times in the last few weeks. Since it’s silent aquisition back in August, the news has been anything but ‘quiet’. Companies getting on the bandwagon, putting in the hours to make this thing a success. But the real question is – Is this something that the massess want, or will this become another piece of diregarded technology. It’s safe to say that everyone wants a phone that can do more than take phone calls. Text messaging has become more viable way of communicating. According to www.cellsigns.com, 79% of the...


Geekazine Weekly Podcast #4 10-24-07

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSShow #4 Notes – 10/24/0 Whats New with Mac OS X Server IPods and IPhones Help in Mac Sales? Windows MINWIN Wireless SD Card Half CD, Half Vinyl Comcast BlocksBit Torrent Traffic Dot ComFever Part II A New Napster Make Office 2007 Look Like 2003 Law Firm Uses Copyright Claim to Deny Use of Source Code SanDisk Lets you Take TV With You WEP Hacked The Incredible Shrinking Radio Worlds Smallest Mini-Tornado Singles on USB Canada Taxes Music Downloads Google 4 GB of gmail Storage Worst Gadget Invented The Tracking Jacket Links To Note: 32 Things You Can Do with Beer Apple in 2015 MakeYour Own Smartphone?