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Geekazine Video Review – The WebAround

When we were in Vegas at , we ran into a company called the Web Around. They specialized in a Nylon disc you can place on the back of your chair. The idea is if you have to do a web cast or video call, you can place this item behind you so the other party cannot see what is in the background. On the same , the background can’t do anything, either.

The Web Around is $29.95 and comes in 3 , it’s Nylon based and can have a logo printed on it. It’s easy to set up and put away – that is, unless you are trying to do it on the video, then you have to fumble with it. Best part is you might just want to get it for an extra privacy filter for work. If your WebAround is up, you are working.

If you would like to have an item reviewed, please let me know!

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