Make Your Own DIY TRON Helmet

We all love shiny and glowy things. Shiny and glowy things are just pretty. We are all like crows in that way. Well, here is something to crow about. Fans of the movies who want to bring the movie to life and have a cool to wear, can try their hand at making their very own. This video from an episode of the AWE Me show Prop Shop will show you how as the host build your very own version of a glowing helmet from the 1982 film Tron. The finished helmet looks awesome and has a super nice glow to it. The host uses a bike helmet to start things off and get the general. Other tools you will need are some markers, masking tape, cling wrap, scissors, glue,some foam, and some uv paint.

In the movie itself they actually used a hockey helmet, which you could also use as the base. Regardless, this the project looks fantastic when finished and it really glows perfectly. You could wear it for Halloween or cosplay, or just every day to be THAT nerdy guy. I would be happy just having it displayed in my house somewhere so I could admire it at night.

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