Atari Files Bankruptcy to Save Themselves?

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Welcome back after the ! CES was fun and the North was short but I still got a lot of great video. The bug decided to wait until I got back which hasn’t put me out but has slowed things down. Nonetheless there is a show to do and four weeks of news to catch up on. So let’s go for it!

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Geek Smack! episode 248 Tech News:

AT&T Switches to AllTel
-AT&T purchases $780 million in Alltel wireless holdings
-Blockbuster closing stores, cutting jobs. All but 500 stores will be left.
Yahoo! Wants you Back
– Yahoo sends welcome back packages to former employees.
Apple Back at MacWorld?
- will be there as .
Firefox Smartphone in Japan
– Firefox OS is getting ready for a release overseas
Student Expelled
student finds a hole that exposes 250,000 students personal data and is ousted because of it.
Google App Removed
– Make me Asian app on the store has been removed.
3D Printer House
– Dutch architect will be making house using a 3D printer
Amazon In-App Service
– You can purchase goods right from the PC or Mac games. More reason to start making games.
Sergey Brin Rides NYC
– Another Google Glass spotting. Does this mean anything?

Geek Smack! Geek News

Gaming: Elder Scrolls Online Beta
Nintendo: Impressive Nintendo Collection
Baby: Sushi Diapers
GIF: Keep your Eye on the Cross
: Creative Bunk Beds

Geek Smack: Atari Files Bankruptcy

Wait, Atari is still around?

Actually, Atari filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy to separate from it’s parent company Infogames. Nonetheless, Atari has been continually making modest advances in gaming and retro-gaming by making these games for new computing devices.

Titles like “Atari’s Greatest Hits” is a mobile title that keeps the company afloat. One game for .99 or the whole lot for $9.99 seems to be a strategy that works for Atari. That – and their line of retro Atari game units.

So why find a new buyer? Most likely to grow the company in a different direction than what Infogames ideas are. Get out of the oppressive thumb to re-build the company.

Something that has happened many times before but didn’t go anywhere. However it’s a new gaming landscape out there. With Zynga falling hard is the web gaming industry stable enough to welcome back Atari?

I suppose if they inject into Facebook anything is possible…

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