Black Friday From Underwear? Better Than Doing it on Thursday!

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Geek Smack!

The first snow of the season hit Madison Monday. I actually had to break the shovel out – and Glass. Since the update to Hangouts, I thought I would try TWIGG as a hangout so you can watch live. Man – the problems I had with that…

I am now a Helpouts mentor – Get help with Podcasting and Wirecast. Finally, want to take a moment to shout out to my Aunt Pat and Uncle Ed who both passed away in the last couple weeks.


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Geek Smack! episode 283 Tech News: 

Couric to Yahoo!
leaves ABC to head over to Yahoo!
Troll Wins
– NewEgg loses a patent battle from a Troll
12.9 inch iPad?
– Rumors state Apple is testing out a larger iPad – 12.9 inches
23andme vs FDA
– Questions of this service being accurate.
Intel New Roadmap
– 14 nm process for tablets is Intel’s new direction
Child Porn Busted
– Google finds a Picasa user that was uploading some disturbing photos
Don’t Text and Drive
– Cops are now getting SUVs to overlook and notice if you are texting
Fail Whale Fail
– Twitter nixed the Fail whale last summer.

Geek Smack!

Patent on Touch
– Apple files a patent on their touch sensor
Moto G
– Motorola shows the Moto G starting at $179 out of contract
LG Spies
– LG TVs collected data even if you turned the option off
Jobs Gets a Patent
– Steve Jobs (well, Apple) gets a Light Field Camera patent
Mustang 50th
– Two birthday parties for the Ford Mustang
Bluetooth Basketball
– This basketball has sensors that connect to to give you stats

Geek Smack: Did Tactics Sour Your Shopping?

Last year, you got up early on Thursday to do one thing – put the bird in the oven. Then it was back to bed as the Turkey cooked. On Friday you got up early from your tryptophan induced sleep to get the holiday shopping done.

This year, you have to or the other as retailers invade the holiday. Now I ask you – is that right?

Retailers like Kohls, KMart and more are opening their doors on Thursday for their deals. They want to get the jump on the holiday season because numbers indicate this year will not be as fruitful as last.

Each year the stores seemed to creep closer to doing this — last year stores opened after dinner time to get the jump. Before it was a Midnight opening.

This year has more pressure as Chanukah actually starts on Thanksgiving. So people will need to shop for thier Jewish friends on Thanksgiving.

Sound obsurd? That’s cause it is.

Many are boycotting this early attempt of black Friday (or black Thursday). Petitions on are popping up, but if you really want that phone or camera, you might end up going anyway.

Some really have no choice and cannot partake for they’re making Thanksgiving dinner. I know I’ll be out of town and can’t make plans to stand in front of a storefront at 7 AM. That is, unless I sneak out of the house…

Some things you should definitely support include small business Saturday; where you can shop locally. If you want to support this show, simply go to or to support the show. You can also choose my affiliate links so I can keep this show going for you — I call it my holiday present that you can enjoy year round.

Whether you get up at 7 AM to baste a Turkey or stand in line, I hope your holiday season is a safe and fun one.

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