Geek Smack! #199: Win a Roku 2, Steve Jobs Dad, Mario with Portals?


Geek Smack! – We are on show #199 of ! That means next week is show #200. ! started as the Geekazine Weekly almost 4 years ago. To celebrate, I’m giving away a Roku for the 200th show. Simply answer these two questions (email to [email protected] and put SUBJECT:GEEK SMACK CONTEST):

  1. What was the date of the first episode of the Geekazine Weekly Podcast
  2. When did the show switch over to Geek Smack!

Winner will be randomly drawn from all contestants.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Abdulfattah John Jandali Wants to Talk to Son: Steve Jobs
– Cool interesting fact: was conceived in Wisconsin
Samsung’s 3 Smartphones on Own Platform
-Samsung getting into smartphone OS game?
Windows Phone 7 Hits 30,000 Apps
– High quality Applications? You be the judge.
Facebook Paid out $40K for Finding Bugs
– One researcher got $7,000 for an issue he discovered. Kinda like CrimeStoppers for computers…
Sprint Oct. 7 Event
– Will they announce the iPhone in this event?
Gaypon is the Gay Groupon?
– I didn’t know we needed a coupon system for LBGT…
iTunes Match Beta Released to Developers
– iTunes for the cloud is one step closer to reality.
Epson iPrint App
– Print right from your smartphone
Skin Cells Mimic Parkinsons
– One step further in curing Parkinsons.
Build a Mean Productivity Machine for Under $1K
-If you need power for video or gaming, then try to build your own. It can be satisfying to do!

Geek Smack Crap!

On the beach and need a drink? Trying to sneak some alcohol in to a concert? Try the Sandal Flask
Buy your dad a tie. But not any tie. This one is made with 50% Recycled Cassette Tapes!
If you scratch down there, you might want to Sanitize – Maybe You touched Your Genitals

QOTW – With all this news of Steve Jobs, are you more or less likely to buy an Apple product?

Geek Smack! Geek News:

AI – AI-Chatbox talks to Each Other
Kiteboarders – Daredevils Kiteboard during Hurricane Irene
GPS – Runner Creates 21KM Apple Logo
Pool – Obscura Digital Pool Table with Motion
– Super Mario Brothers Now with Portals

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: CNN, Tribune get into Tablet Game

It’s inevitable Mr. Anderson. Adopting mobile is important in the media game. News organizations need to embrace this quick. There is word that Tribune subscribers soon will get a Tablet when they subscribe to their favorite paper. No details have been set yet, but expect this to be with a multi-year subscription and the Tablet to be geared to the paper of your choice.

In the meantime, it was announced that CNN bought Zite – an Application for the . “Zite is thrilled about combining forces with CNN to create a world-class news discovery platform,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite.

This will be the new direction of print media. The sooner your local papers start putting subscription models together, the longer your paper might stick around.

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