Geek Smack! 203: iOS5, AT-AT Dog, Steve Jobs Tribute


Geek Smack! – Wow. One week changes a whole landscape. First, we’re complaining about a bad Apple event, then reality sets in. Don’t forget, Day in Tech History has it’s own web page now. Day in Tech History Kickstarter is almost over. Support can start at $1. Really need your help on this one, folks!

I’m going out to BlogWorld & New Media Expo with Stitcher, we will be interviewing bloggers and podcasters, so if you are going, let me know! CES is right around the corner, and I am trying to find my way there. Looking for a Computer guy? CALL! (please).

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Geek Smack! News:

iTunes 10.5 Launches, iOs5 At Midnight
-Midnight Geek vigil to start in a couple hours…
Windows 8 to Reduce Memory Usage
– OK…
AT&T Toggle
– Keep work life seperate from personal. That is, until you forget to switch it over…
Airlines Rushing Wifi 
– Am I the only one who thinks this should be a free service?
Roku LT at $49
– Half the price of a Apple TV before the holidays? Good idea…
LinkedIn Buys Search Startup
– Probably not going to compete with just yet…

Geek Smack Crap for Halloween

Need some halloween for the bathroom? I suppose. Here is a toilet paper holder.
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Geek Smack! Geek News:

– Yes, I made a Zombie Infographic
Music – William Shatner Seeks Major Tom
– The Man Behind Elmo
Geek! – Forgotten Browsers of 1990s
MMORPG – Blizzard Selling WOW Gold
Star Wars – AT-AT Greyhound

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Goodbye Steve Jobs

I know you’ve been inundated with Steve Jobs memorials, so I’ll keep mine short. I have used Apple products since the 80’s. Playing Ultima 4 on an Apple II, to creating my first videos on a Macintosh 2 computer. It was a great time to grow up, and I got to grow with Silicon Valley.

I like to think of myself as a “Computer Boomer”. I grew up around computers and got into the computer game. With that, I followed Microsoft and Apple. In 2001, I sat with a financial advisor over some 401k that I acquired at a former job. He suggested I take the penalty and put it into Apple. I decided not to touch it. Bad move, eh?

Still, Steve Jobs touched my life, like so many others. It’s only fitting that the group from Mythbusters do a tribute to Jobs. With Job’s death certificate released, reality is sinking in. Now it’s time to move on and keep his memory alive.

Live the moment, do what you love.

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