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Back from SXSW and I have a lot of video to put together. Getting ready for the next trip to Vegas and in a .I talk about the problems at and my website for the last . Felt like forever with Geek Smack. Geekazine also got a redesign before the trip – what do you think of it?


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Geek Smack: GoDaddy is letting me down.

It was about 3 1/2 weeks ago that I first noticed the problem. I was writing a post and hit “Save draft” when the page came up “Error 101 (Page Reset)”. The problem happened for about 10 minutes then went back to normal. I thought it was a small downtime issue so I didn’t think about it.

However, it continued to happen. I called GoDaddy Support where a really nice “Megan” told me there was a bad node on the shared server I was on. She said it would get fixed and moved on.

2 days later, I called back. The problem was getting worse. This time I didn’t have someone like Megan to talk to. I actually had a support agent who told me this is because I am on a shared hosting service and this happens with those.

So someone’s website going down for 10 minutes at a time – multiple times a day – is GoDaddy’s version of shared hosting?

It really wasn’t until I was at SXSW that I had to make a big deal of it. Usually while I’m at an event my traffic will spike up 20-30%. Didn’t happen this last week. Partly because the site was continually going down and the other half was because Google noticed it. No doubt they throttled my search information simply because they couldn’t index the site.

At this point in time the problem is still happening. I was told it was a server issue and I finally got a support ticket (from a supervisor that I had to plead to get).

I don’t mind downtime but when I get blown off by customer service, I have a big problem with that. Especially since I give them hundreds of dollars each year for service. For this instance I give GoDaddy 2 stars in support.

I might be a glutton for punishment but I am giving them one more chance. We’ll see what they do with it. I hope I don’t have to spend a couple hundred dollars migrating everything to another service…

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