New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro

While at NAB, I got to hang with Durin Gleaves, Product Manager at Adobe. We talked about Adobe Audition, and it’s features, then moved on to Permiere Pro to find out updates on this platform. I moved to Premiere last year due to the cross-platform work I do in editing videos. Being able to use the same program on Mac and PC is a definitely advantage.

Updates on

Adobe has introduced many in color, sound, and monitoring your edits. For color, many creators are using different brand cameras, which have their own color pallette, and can look mis-matched when putting together. The new side-by-side view allows you to look at two different scenes for correction. Color match feature lets you take color and light values from the reference scene to try and match up color. The panel will allow you to make smaller adjustments for skin tones, white balance, and more.

The new gives you new text and graphics options for quick titles, lower 3rds, and more. You will be able to add titles to your movie, or info panels to your YouTube video.

Audio gets a Ducking Feature.

This is perfect for those of you who put emotional music behind your video. The new ducking feature allows vocals to be heard. It will have an intuitive feature, so if you move the voiceover, the music will to where it ends up.

Premiere and Audition Work Together

The Essential Sound panel will also work better with Audition, when you need to make some major edits to clean up your sound. A new panel will update video previews, so you can watch what you are editing while in Audition.

More in the Video

Check out my conversation with Durin at the Adobe booth during NAB.

Get Adobe Premiere Pro Here.


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