KB Covers: Protect Your Keyboard, Learn Program Shortcuts – CES 2012

KB Covers

KB Covers

We first met KB Covers at CES last year. Bruce is back on the Live show. KB Covers is a protective cover for your PC or Mac, but they also have shorcut keys – perfect for CAD, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or other programs. There are color coded covers and language conversion on their .

KB Covers has them for US, European, Italian, Japanese, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Sweedish, Norwegian, and many other languages. There are also all blank , for those who are learning how to type.

allow you to keep your on the keyboard – for some, using the mouse can be a time killer. If you learn the , you might not have to use the mouse at all.

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The best part is you learn about your program you are working in more. Once you see there is a shortcut key for it, you can find out what it does and ultimately get better in your production.

Interview by Andy and Courtney  of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

KB Covers have over 200 designs. Prices start at $24.95 for and $29.95 for desktops.


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