Perfect Tea Concept from Cambridge Consultants – CES 2013


You might have heard about that make the perfect . They don’t make the perfect though. That is where Cambridge Consultants come in. A the yet-to-be-named tea maker (right now named “Tê”)is capsule based so you can get a consistent .

Just like with the single cup of coffee makers; you drop the capsule into the chamber then fill the unit with water which will push into the chamber. Once filled the capsule will begin to spin and move the out of way taking out any . Therefore no milk or lemon is needed.


About Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants takes ideas and makes them into – then tests the market to see if the will sell. Cambridge Consultants has been around for over 50 years developing new ideas for many top companies. From making the GPS to getting the perfect – the staff at Cambridge Consultants are willing to take a task on such as the Perfect Tea maker. (

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