Chris Pirillo on AMD: Launching Communities – CES 2013 Live


Chris Pirillo stops by the Live stream at a down time to talk about the booth. He was invited by to talk about their new lines and also promote the Communities in Social networking. (

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Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5

JEFF: Hey, look who’s here. Have a seat, have a seat really quick. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chris, did you do the earphones? (laughs) Jump up here really quick this’ll take a second. Okay, through there. How you doing Chris?
Chris: It’s nice to sit down I’ve been standing for 10 minutes.
JEFF: All 10 minutes?
CHRIS: Yeah it was brutal.
JEFF: Was it on the here?

Chris Pirillo for AMD

Chris Pirillo for AMD

CHRIS: No, it was waiting in line for the men’s room. There are lines everywhere. It was funny, there was line here but they said hey there’s another bathroom upstairs. Not bathroom, they don’t have at CES do they?
JEFF: Not that I know of
CHRIS: There’s one upstairs so I went upstairs and got right in and that’s the best thing I’ve seen at CES. No line at the men’s room. It’s a let me tell ya.
JEFF: So, seriously did you just get in or . .
CHRIS: No, no, no. I’ve been here. I’m actually with AMD so I’m in the AMD on the other side of the registration desk they got setup called The Surround House where you could walk in and they’ve got like 32 channels, no, 32.4 channels of like audio, positional audio and 10 powered by a single pc and 3 video cards, it’s insane.
JEFF: Wow.

CHRIS: You stand in the room and they like bombard you. You watch from one window to another, it’s crazy but it’s fun.
JEFF: I’ll have to stop by there tomorrow.
CHRIS: Just take 10 minutes to stand in there. And our is if you master click which I don’t have, we only have 500 of them so you have to stop in. You remember the master clicks. Yeah. They had a special disk, like a disc made up and its view master was apparently acquired by image 3d, another company. So, they didn’t really special order them but they did order 500 of them and then had these special disks made. So when I get home I’m going to go on eBay and looking up all the old . . . Does anybody sell any old view master click disks that I can like Aw, Spiderman no watch out it’s Big Bird?
JEFF: I’ll tell you what, I’ll go over to my folks house and if I find some of the old view master stuff I’ll send it your way.
CHRIS: You know exactly what I’m talking about. The thing is they were so expensive when you were a kid we only had like 4 of them. It was the same story over and over and over again.
JEFF: Actually the story, my story is I was so fascinated that I didn’t understand the view master so I was one of those typical geeks that took everything apart. So I took the view master apart and my parents got really upset about that but you know I got another view master for Christmas.
CHRIS: There you go, easy replacement.
SCOTT: It’s magic.

JEFF: And then I realize what the whole process was and I go yeah, that’s silly of me to take the thing apart. What could you do? I don’t know.
CHRIS: So you JEFFs have been here the whole time?
JEFF: Yep, we started yesterday and of course the official live stream starting today.
CHRIS: You got a signal. I did not get a signal. There’s like 34 networks that I’m competing with the wireless signal. I assume you are wired or somehow plugged in?
JEFF: We got the $6000 man-wired signal.
CHRIS: That’s awesome. I think we have act cable coming into our tents and it’s being used for Facebook or I don’t know.
JEFF: Actually I see it over there, it’s a pair of rabbit ears, right?
CHRIS: That’s probably what it is. Seriously, it’s crazy but great.
JEFF: So for more information
CHRIS: Yeah, actually they just launched, this is actually a bigger surprise to me than the hardware stuff that they’re doing, they launched a community. Finally, on They have not done much on community . . . Sorry, I like hear weird voices outside my helmet or it could be the voices inside my head. See I knew it. They launched their community finally and to me that was big news because AMD hasn’t traditionally done a lot of that. So the fact that they are engaging their community, I think they are finally getting what social media is about. And if you’ve been on twitter for a while but actually bringing it in-house to give community access to executives and announcements that are not members of the press. The fact that they are engaging their community which they should have been doing for a while but I’m glad they’re finally doing it. Hopefully, the have a pretty good uptake because AMD has a rabid fan base. For years and years and years a rabid fan base. So, I think to me that’s the bigger, even though I don’t think they made an official announcement, that to me was the biggest surprise coming out of AMD.

Chris Pirillo on AMD Communities

Chris Pirillo on AMD Communities

JEFF: Well I have an AMD desktop at home, probably one of my last desktops.
SCOTT: Actually all of my production stuff is AMD.
CHRIS: But you’re sticking to a trend and that is the disappearing desktop and I know some geeks HATE it when you say that but it’s a reality. It doesn’t mean that a computer is going to disappear, I think the idea or how we define a computer disappears. That is a computer (points to iPad), this is a pocket computer. I mean certainly it’s a personal computer, it’s a more personal computer than my commodore 64 was and that was a personal computer.
JEFF: That’s true.
CHRIS: So our definition needs to evolve as the experiences continue to evolve. You’re not alone. I think the power of a desktop and what a desktop can provide may evolve into more this type of competing experience you know with user interfaces and what have you. I know geeks hate when you say that the desktop is dead. It’s not dead but it’s definitely kind of limping along in terms of what you use and what you need it for. I won’t take up too much of your time.
JEFF: No, no, no that’s perfect actually. We had a person that was supposed to show up and they didn’t show up, so . . .
JEFF: You jumped right in at the right time.
SCOTT: Yep, you filled a spot but it looks like our next one might be here ready to go on.
CHRIS: Okay, good. I just want to say I knew who was coming on and I knocked them out in the bathroom and he’s hanging in the urinal. If there’s a cake there he’ll be able to eat it and he’ll survive for a day. So anyway, thank you.
JEFF: Chris is always fun to talk to.

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