Dyyno: Going after Global IPTV Market – CES 2012



Vamshi of Dyyno joins us for the TPN Live coverage. Dyyno is a media streaming platform. They serve IPTV. If you have rights to content, you can leverage Dyyno.

They support streaming and live events. Dyyno supports PC or Mac and Dyyno was the first company to have content streaming live on Roku. There is also a Dyyno iPad app,and is available on , and Android based . Dyyno has the ability to set customers up with their own channel and expand their ability to market their video products.

Their software captures the video. Dyyno has 350,000 registered users putting this information into the cloud. There are free accounts, and paid accounts. They work with for the hosting.

I have always said, the first company to take a TV channel and put it right on the internet for stream with and all, and finds a that shows a ROI, will win. Dyyno is a company that is working to making that happen.

Dyyno currently has 500+ TV channels that Dyyno is streaming. With FlixUniverse, you can see how Dyyno is pushing content.

Interview by Andy of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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